From the standpoint of common medicine, the health of the body is determined by the nutrients that it is given, the toxins that it absorbs, and the physical activity that it receives. However, there are other aspects of health that are not touched upon by the conventional medical methodologies; many alternative forms of keeping you in good health offer great opportunities to feel better in both your body and mind.

Few realize the true importance of the human brain when it comes to proper health. The most complex organ in our bodies, what happens in the brain affects the body to a great extent. In that vein, to truly feel healthy, the mind needs to be in a sound state. Research conducted by Dr. Wayne Dyer has shown that mental attitudes may influence a host of circumstances in the body, and proper attitudes may even affect the prevalence of diseases in the body. health and wellness in New OrleansWhile Dr. Dyer contends that proper diet and exercise are important when it comes to health, he also feels that two other aspects may play an important role. Dyer argues that having a proper sense of humor and employing visualization may be just as important to health as diet and exercise.

When Dr. Dyer refers to using visualization, he means that you should encourage yourself to visualize the changes that you wish to see within your life. Using your creativity and imagining the positive effects that your efforts may result in can truly put you in good spirits and may help you to bring yourself closer to your goals. You should encourage yourself in your efforts by affirming a positive physical outlook on your life. Tell yourself that if you are good to your body, your body will be good to you. The affects of a good sense of humor on health is also something not to be discounted. Dyer argues that laughter releases chemicals into the bloodstream that can be quite effective when it comes to warding off diseases and aiding the general well being of a person.

While these two tactics may not seem to be of much merit, Dyer argues that they are of the utmost importance. They definitely could not hurt; positive mental imagery and keeping in good spirits through laughter will positively affect your mental attitude at the very least. If Dr. Dyer’s beliefs hold true, these two aspects of life may aid your health more than you may know.

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