New Orleans Diet and Nutrition

Our diets are largely responsible for many parts of our life. Our physical appearance, mental well-being, and energy levels are all largely dictated by the types of foods that we put into our bodies. For that reason, it’s crucial to ensure that your body gets all of the important nutrients that it needs while cutting out junk foods from your diet.

A diet rich in fats and sugars can lead to many problems throughout the body, with those that are overweight facing higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and numerous other negative health effects.

When trying to establish a healthy diet and nutrition, there are some important things to consider. Stay away from ‘fad’ diets, as they are short term solutions to long term problems. Fad diets tend to emphasize avoiding one certain type of food, and the cornerstone of a proper diet includes a balance of all types of foods. When drafting the perfect diet, it’s important to include a proper balance of different food types, allowing only a small portion of your daily caloric intake to be from food sources that are rich in added sugars. Be sure to eat your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables, as well as keeping your diet rich in foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. Also, it’s important to avoid getting too much sodium in your diet; aim for a sodium intake of less than 2,300 milligrams per day. Do your best to avoid foods that contain trans-fatty acids, dietary cholesterol and saturated fat, as these types of fat are considered to be bad due to the fact that they raise your LDL cholesterol levels.

In addition to proper diet and nutrition, you can benefit your personal health greatly by regularly visiting a chiropractic clinic.  Working over thirty years in the field, Dr. Dubois can help you to maintain your health via his expert chiropractic technique.

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New Orleans Wellness

When it comes to the human body, there are many factors that play into just how well the body can operate. There are a host of things to consider when trying to stay healthy, including exercise, proper nutrition, good mental health and proper care of the central nervous system.


When we eat food, our body gathers the nutrients it needs to help it to function properly. There are many essential vitamins and minerals that need to be taken in by the body in order for it to carry out its growth processes properly. Many junk foods limit the amount of these essential nutrients that we intake, so it’s important to stick to a healthy diet. Many of the most important aspects of our health can be taken care of by eating a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a number of key vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function properly, and following the food pyramid is an easy way to ensure that your body is getting the nutrition that it needs.wellness in New Orleans

Physical Wellbeing

Exercise is also important when it comes to maintaining a proper level of wellness. In addition to keeping the body in shape by burning unnecessary calories, a regular exercise program can have mental benefits as well. Studies show that those who exercise regularly are less likely to face issues with depression, due to the fact that neurotransmitters are released in the brain when exercise is performed, helping to elevate a person’s mood and wellness.

Mental Wellbeing

When the mind is unhealthy, the body’s wellness can suffer as well. Those who are faced with issues with their mental health such as depression, stress, or low self-esteem can end up causing physical harm to their bodies. Studies have shown that a negative mental attitude can lead to a lowering of the body’s immune system as well as causing numerous other problems. For that reason, it’s important to face up to any mental problems that you may have in order to get through them.

Spinal Wellbeing

Last, but not least when it comes to wellness is the health of the central nervous system. Consisting of the spinal cord and nerves throughout the body, when the central nervous system isn’t functioning properly, a person’s wellness can be greatly affected. Seeking chiropractic care is a common solution when it comes to solving problems with the central nervous system, and without question, one of the best chiropractics available for treating your problems is Dr. Gordon DuBois. An expert in the field, Dr. DuBois has worked in the field of chiropractic care in the New Orleans area for over thirty years, making him a powerful authority in spinal care.

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New Orleans TBM

Total Body Modification therapy is an alternative therapy technique used by chiropractics that is based in applied kinesiology and knowledge of the body’s reflex points. In Total Body Modification, practitioners work to find which organ of the body is responsible for problems that a person may be experience.

After discovering the source of the problem, chiropractics who perform this procedure work to correct the problem via working with the patient’s nervous system.

So how exactly does Total Body Modification work?

The chiropractor performing the procedure uses reflex points located in the body along with their knowledge of applied kinesiology. Once the source of the problem is found, the chiropractic will stimulate certain areas of the spine to try to help correct the problem. Since the spine is one of the most important parts of the human body, helping to regulate the body’s every function, it can often be the key to repairing any problems that the body may be having. Using Total Body Modification to help decrease the spine’s role in any problem that you may be having may help you get through a health problem that you may have previously thought to be unfixable. Varying levels of success have been purported through this methodology, with some claiming that the process can help to aid the body’s immune response, blood sugar levels, and energy levels. The use of Total Body Modification in treating allergies is also of some importance, with many reporting that the treatment helped them to conquer their allergy problems.

Dr. Gordon DuBois is experienced in TBM, Applied Kinesiology and believes in regular chiropractic adjustments. He’s been working in the field of chiropractic care for over thirty years with an unmatched level of quality.

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New Orleans Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is a process that was created by George Goodheart. An alternative form of therapy, applied kinesiology is based in the sciences of chiropractic care. According to the American Chiropractic Association, applied kinesiology is one of the 15 most commonly employed techniques in chiropractic clinics throughout the United States.

The study conducted by the ACA showed that a full 42.3 percent of all American chiropractors used the procedure. The methodology employed by this form of diagnoses relies on “muscle testing”. It is believed that illness, nutritional imbalance and even emotional distress will cause the body to be “weak” in response to muscle testing. Employing manual manipulation of the central nervous system, applied kinesiology is used as a diagnostic tool so that a chiropractor may be more accurate when choosing which therapy is right for the patient.

Tests employed by chiropractors who use applied kinesiology include many different muscle examinations. Applied kinesiology proponents feel that physical and mental problems may be associated with dysfunction of the body’s muscles. The chiropractics that perform this method often test a muscle’s strength once, then place a substance near the area being a tested and test again. If the muscle doesn’t appear to be as powerful when the substance is around, the practitioner may determine that the weakness evident in muscle-testing is an indication that the patient is responding negatively to that substance, and should avoid it in everyday life. At a minimum, the patient will need to be “cleared” of the response. The actual muscle tests performed in applied kinesiology vary from practitioner to practitioner and choosing the right chiropractic expert is of the utmost importance. To that end, Dr. Gordon DuBois can provide the chiropractic care that you need. Working in the New Orleans area for over thirty years, he is truly an expert in his field and his quality is unmatched.

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New Orleans Sciatica


Sciatica is a relatively common problem that can cause intense low back pain and leg pain. The sciatic nerve is the source of this problem, and it runs from the lower back all the way down to the back of both legs. When one of the roots that make up the sciatic nerve gets pinched or irritated in one way or another, it can lead to agonizing pain.

Herniated discs of the spinal cord can also cause pressure to be placed on the sciatic nerve, activating a sciatica problem. While the pain associated with sciatica can decrease over time, it’s important to get a proper opinion on the condition to ensure that it is not debilitating.

sciatica in New OrleansSymptoms

To better diagnose a problem with sciatica, there are a number of symptoms that are exclusive to the condition. If you experience pain in the back of only one of your legs, and the pain gets worse when you are sitting down, you may have sciatica. Also, weakness, numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in one of your legs can denote a sciatic problem. A constant plaguing pain in one of the buttocks may also be due to sciatica, as well as feeling a pain that causes you to have difficulty with standing up.

Sciatica Treatment

When it comes to treating sciatica, there are a few options. The first, and most commonly employed method of dealing with the disease is manual treatment, including physical therapy and manual manipulation of the central nervous system via a treatment from a chiropractor. Medical options are also available, including anti inflammatory drugs to help bring down irritation and oral steroids to also aid healing. For those with advanced sciatica, surgery can be performed to help remove part of the herniated disc that may be causing the problem.

When it comes to getting chiropractic care to treat your sciatica, there is only one true option. Gordon DuBois DC is an expert of the finest stature when it comes to treating problems such as sciatica, having worked for over thirty years in the field. Operating out of his chiropractic clinic, choosing Dr. DuBois for your chiropractic needs is a sure bet when it comes to treating your problem and walking away satisfied with the results.

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New Orleans Neck Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

If you’ve ever had it, you know that neck pain can be quite agonizing. The neck is a flexible, sensitive part of the body that has to be moved repeatedly throughout the average day. When a problem affects your neck’s range of motion, you’ll find yourself helpless when it comes to performing your everyday activities.

Neck Pain After Injury

Neck pain can be caused by numerous factors; abnormalities of the muscles and ligaments in the neck can lead to prolonged neck pain, as well as injuries to the neck and overusing the neck’s muscles. If you experience intense neck pain after a car accident or sports injury, it’s important to discuss the matter with a professional immediately. Also, if your neck pain is accompanied by headaches, numbness, or tingling you should seek proper medical care.


When it comes to treating neck pain, the solution depends on the source of the problem. Some neck pain problems can be treated by merely resting, while more serious cases may require surgery. To get your problem properly diagnosed, it is advised to seek the opinion of an orthopedist or a chiropractic expert. neck pain in New OrleansThese professionals isolate the source of the problem via a physical examination and a questionnaire regarding the pains that you are feeling. If the problem appears to be serious, an MRI test may be performed to allow the professional to evaluate the spinal cord as well as the roots of the nerves.

Most cases of neck pain are solved by a rigorous rehabilitation schedule, allowing for proper exercise of the muscles of the neck as well as many other physical therapy-related solutions. One expert that has a history of experience in the world of neck pain is Dr. Gordon DuBois. Uptown chiropractor, Dr. DuBois, has a vast knowledge of neck pain, having practiced chiropractic care in the New Orleans area for over 30 years. Your body is your responsibility, and Dr. Dubois provides the utmost in patient care and treatment.

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New Orleans Back Pain

Back pain is a problem that affects numerous people throughout the world. There are a number of reasons that one may develop back pain. Trauma to the lower back and arthritis are two reasons that people often suffer from this painful problem. Few people realize exactly how much the muscles of the back are responsible for every day activities, and when the agony of back pain strikes, they are left helpless.

Having a serious case of back pain can result in a limited range of motion, an inability to stand straight, and limited flexibility of the back muscles. While everyone experiences back pain at one point or another, back pain that is prevalent for three months or more is considered chronic, and needs to be treated.

To that end, there are a host of solutions when it comes to back pain. There are two things that need to be accomplished to solve a back pain problem: restoring the strength of the back muscles, and lessening the chance of the problem reoccurring. Medications are often of merit when it comes to lessening the pain of the condition, and anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to help reduce the inflammation of the back’s muscles. Exercise can also be effective in treating back pain since conditioning the muscles of the back strengthens them to lessen the chance of the problem occurring in the future.

Many people choose chiropractic care when it comes to helping to cure their back pain. An expert in the field of chiropractic care is Dr. Gordon Dubois, who operates out of his Uptown office. Dr. Dubois has over thirty years of experience when it comes to helping back pain, and his office in New Orleans provides the utmost in patient care. His expertise in the field ensures that you’ll be getting the quality care that you deserve.

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Wealth is the main goal for much of society. Many feel that money would cure their ills, make them feel more important, and moreover, make them feel happier. But, as the common saying goes, money doesn’t buy happiness. In the capitalistic economy of these days, nothing may seem more important than the constant pursuit of wealth. In this go-go quest for money, many fail to realize that true happiness is based not in wealth, but in appreciating what is around them.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is an expert in matters of the mind and body. He argues that the things that we need in life are all around us, and to find them, all that we need to do is allow ourselves to trust our inner voices. Dyer is quoted as saying “Prosperity in the form of wealth works exactly the same as everything else. You will see it coming into your life when you are unattached to needing it.” That simple quotation speaks volumes when it comes to the hunt for happiness in modern day living. He discusses the use of positive imagery when it comes to the hunt for success; visualization is key to attaining goals. Another piece of advice offered by Dyer is to allow yourself to be open to the possibilities in the world. A million possibilities exist in the waking world, and by allowing yourself to be open to the potential that exists all around you, you may find that life works its way out if you just follow your heart. An inner voice is inside of all of us, and following it while discounting the people that tell you that your pursuits are unworthy is of the utmost importance when it comes to fulfilling your desires. Making yourself a powerhouse of positive energy is a prime aspect of achieving the goals that greater forces conspire for you.

If material wealth is your principle goal in life, you may want to take a step back and consider what exactly it is that makes you wish that you had money.You may find that your desire for goods may stem from a different problem which could be achieved through a different means. If the reasons are just for your monetary desire, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t be able to achieve your goals. Another famous quote by Dr. Dyer is “There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there’s only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” What this quote is trying to say is that the potential is there for all of us when it comes to making our dreams come true; too many people don’t believe in themselves and allow the influence of others to limit their goals. By following your heart and not bowing your head when others try to discourage you, your dreams of wealth and success are altogether attainable; it’s a matter of putting in the footwork.

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From the standpoint of common medicine, the health of the body is determined by the nutrients that it is given, the toxins that it absorbs, and the physical activity that it receives. However, there are other aspects of health that are not touched upon by the conventional medical methodologies; many alternative forms of keeping you in good health offer great opportunities to feel better in both your body and mind.

Few realize the true importance of the human brain when it comes to proper health. The most complex organ in our bodies, what happens in the brain affects the body to a great extent. In that vein, to truly feel healthy, the mind needs to be in a sound state. Research conducted by Dr. Wayne Dyer has shown that mental attitudes may influence a host of circumstances in the body, and proper attitudes may even affect the prevalence of diseases in the body. health and wellness in New OrleansWhile Dr. Dyer contends that proper diet and exercise are important when it comes to health, he also feels that two other aspects may play an important role. Dyer argues that having a proper sense of humor and employing visualization may be just as important to health as diet and exercise.

When Dr. Dyer refers to using visualization, he means that you should encourage yourself to visualize the changes that you wish to see within your life. Using your creativity and imagining the positive effects that your efforts may result in can truly put you in good spirits and may help you to bring yourself closer to your goals. You should encourage yourself in your efforts by affirming a positive physical outlook on your life. Tell yourself that if you are good to your body, your body will be good to you. The affects of a good sense of humor on health is also something not to be discounted. Dyer argues that laughter releases chemicals into the bloodstream that can be quite effective when it comes to warding off diseases and aiding the general well being of a person.

While these two tactics may not seem to be of much merit, Dyer argues that they are of the utmost importance. They definitely could not hurt; positive mental imagery and keeping in good spirits through laughter will positively affect your mental attitude at the very least. If Dr. Dyer’s beliefs hold true, these two aspects of life may aid your health more than you may know.

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Many people in the world feel that they are reaching out for something. While what they are looking for may not be exactly clear to them, there’s no question that many people in the world feel emotionally unfulfilled. Is it because they are lacking some key aspect of life? More often than not, those who are feeling unsatisfied with life are just looking in the wrong place. Getting the most out of life may just be a matter of appreciating the things that are around you today.

Experts such as Dr. Wayne Dyer have delved into answering the question posed by the lack of spiritual fulfillment faced by our society today. These experts argue that an abundance of happiness and energy is all around us if we simply understand how to harness it. One key step to making the change in your emotional state is to change the way that you look at the world around you. When you look for abundance and friendliness in the world, you may find yourself amazed at all the untapped possibilities your life may hold. Do your best to see the world as a welcome, forgiving place; this simple change in attitude can pay dividends when it comes to your feelings of emotional satisfaction. Try to tell yourself that as a person, you attract success and abundance. This positive mantra allows you the opportunity to feel more confident in your actions, and that will reflect on your life in a very positive manner.

Another important thing to consider when bringing abundance into your life is to keep an attitude that is allowing of yourself. When you let naysayers bring you down when it comes to your plans and goals, you disturb the harmony that is present within your body. Don’t let others dissuade you from your desires. When you take away negativity and doubt from your life, you become an unstoppable source of positive energy and abundance.

Once your mental state is in harmony, bringing abundance into your life, it’s important to take actions that will further the process. Use the passion that you’ve discovered through mental preparations to reflect upon your physical self. You should approach activities with zeal and zest, giving your full mental attentions to the task at hand. Value everything that brings you closer to your goals; in addition, don’t be selfish in your actions. Approach work with others with the same energy and drive as you would for yourself.

Follow the steps above, and there’s no question that you will be on the path towards attaining abundance and prosperity. Remember that the mind is what creates your reality; its energy can be tuned and harnessed to bring about the changes that you wish to see in yourself and the world.

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