Chiropractic Care in New Orleans

Chiropractors have long known something that the rest of society is only beginning to discover–the body is a whole, not simply a collection of parts, and a dysfunction in one part of the body can manifest itself elsewhere, often in surprising ways.  The reason for this is that different parts of the body are in constant communication with each other via the central nervous system.  The spine is the fundamental relay of central nervous system communication, and chiropractors have discovered that many medical conditions, ranging from liver and kidney problems to digestive difficulties to nervousness and anxiety, are caused by communication failures related to misalignment of the spine.  The connection between the spine and the rest of the body is the basis of chiropractor care.

Applied Kinesiology

While much of modern chiropractic practice is still rooted in spine manipulation, there are more subtle and advanced techniques that are also practiced.  One such exciting field is called applied kinesiology.  chiropractic care and wellness in New OrleansApplied kinesiology utilizes the revolutionary discovery that many disorders, and reactions to toxins are made apparent by the body’s weakness in their presence, and the negative effect of different substances can be seen in the patients weakness in a muscle test.  A skilled applied kinesiology practitioner tests the strength of various muscles on their own and in the presence of various substances.  By carefully observing the change in muscle performance as new substances are introduced, the practitioner can discover which substances may be causing difficulties and should be purged from the body and avoided in everyday life.  Dr. Dubois is also an expert in the field of applied kinesiology, and you will not find another chiropractor that has a better track record of successful treatments with applied kinesiology.

Total Body Modification

Beyond applied kinesiology, Dr. Dubois is also an expert in the discipline of total body modification (TBM).  TBM is a therapy that uses applied kinesiology and other techniques to determine what specific organs or body systems are causing problems.  By skillfully manipulating certain pressure points, a TBM practitioner can correct any nervous system dysfunctions that are contributing to the problem.  This is typically enough to fully treat the condition.

Dr Gordon Dubois treats the patient as a complete whole, not merely a collection of parts.  By applying inclusive principles along with firm scientific knowledge, Dr. Dubois promotes health and well being by treating the whole person.  He has over thirty years of experience as a chiropractor, and is widely recognized for his skillful application of chiropractic techniques, as well as the gentle and caring manner with which he attends to his patients.